ISSUE #4: Spring 2015

“Whenever the worm of panic creeps along your skin, you’ll recall the words they taught you in school during National Education sessions: no one owes us a living. At all costs, you must survive.”

Paolo Bacigalupi’s Yellow Card Man; Kate Osias’s Tango; Ng Yi-Sheng’s No Other City; Eliza Victoria’s Fade; Andrew Cheah’s Century of Loneliness; poems by Cyril Wong, Jerrold Yam, Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, Michael Gray and Joses Ho.

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“All the writing is surprising and fascinating. As a reader, some knowledge of the region helps, but is not necessary. The great thing about LONTAR is the broad range of speculative fiction showcased here with a guaranteed burst of Southeast Asian culture. […] LONTAR has produced quality, intricate and original work that entertains and distills a yearning in the reader for more.” —The Review Review

“Learning real things about a region of the world relatively unknown to me is an unexpected bonus of the great stories in LONTAR. With each tale, I was allowed a view through the eyes of someone whose experiences and orientation are so far separated from my own and yet so similar that the journey is wondrous.” —Weightless Books