ISSUE #6: Spring 2016

“Everything was going well until that one horrifying morning when it got out the hunting rifle, loaded it, and pulled the trigger. When it had learned how to use the gun, we hadn’t a clue. And it didn’t just know how to use the gun; it knew what a gun was for.”

Ken Liu’s Running Shoes; Eka Kurniawan’s Caronang; Victor Fernando R. Ocampo’s Brother/Sister Space/Time; JY Yang’s Lamborghini and Girl; Jennifer Anne Champion’s See It Coming; Ng Yi-Sheng’s Bleeding Island; Budjette Tan & Kajo Baldisimo’s Feast; poems by Jonel Abellanosa, Ang Si Min, Russ Hoe, Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, Christina Sng, Sokunthary Svay, Krishna Udayasankar, Brendan Walsh and Marco Yan.

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“All the writing is surprising and fascinating. As a reader, some knowledge of the region helps, but is not necessary. The great thing about LONTAR is the broad range of speculative fiction showcased here with a guaranteed burst of Southeast Asian culture. […] LONTAR has produced quality, intricate and original work that entertains and distills a yearning in the reader for more.” —The Review Review

“A relatively new publication, LONTAR nonetheless publishes high-quality works by award-winning authors. Diverse and under-represented characters and settings are a mainstay of LONTAR‘s fiction, opening the genre to fresh themes and voices, and introducing readers to the rich culture and atmosphere of Southeast Asia.” —Tangent Online

“Learning real things about a region of the world relatively unknown to me is an unexpected bonus of the great stories in LONTAR. With each tale, I was allowed a view through the eyes of someone whose experiences and orientation are so far separated from my own and yet so similar that the journey is wondrous.” —Weightless Books

“I thought I was going to pick this up and read a story or two and instead I blew off everything else I was doing and read the issue cover to cover. I’d love to be able to pick out a favourite story and talk about it but there wasn’t anything here I didn’t like, there wasn’t anything that didn’t make me think or see the speculative possibilities outside my own small sphere of experience. Oh, the stories, the wonderful stories.” —Goodreads review of issue #1