Ebook Version of Issue #1 at Weightless Books


The DRM-free ePub version of LONTAR issue #1 is now available for $2.99 at Weightless Books.

The print version can still be found in fine bookstores in Singapore, and ordered from the BooksActually Web Store (which is having a 30% off sale right now on Math Paper Press titles).


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    • We have no plans right now to release LONTAR for Kindle; it would be one thing if we were going through someplace like Smashwords, which can do so automatically, but we are doing the conversion on this one ourselves, and Amazon does not make things easy in that regard. However, the ePub is DRM-free, which means it can play on any other reader besides Kindle, and on any ebook app (like the iBooks and Nook apps for iPad); it can also be played on a laptop or desktop via Adobe Digital Editions (which is free to download).

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