LONTAR #6 now available in print and ebook!


LONTAR #6LONTAR issue #6 is now officially available in both its print and ebook versions!

The print issue should be on bookstore shelves all over Singapore, but I know for sure that it’s at Kinokuniya (even if it’s not on their webstore yet); if your favourite bookshop doesn’t have it in stock, ask them to order it!

Similarly, you can order it directly from Epigram Books!

The ebook is up at Weightless Books, and my thanks go once again to Gavin and Michael for their prompt action. Remember, you can also get an annual subscription, so that you need never miss an issue again!

And to celebrate the release of the sixth issue there, they’ve posted a short interview I conducted with author Ken Liu, whose story “Running Shoes” leads off the issue. Here’s a snippet:

Q. Giang’s fate is heartbreaking and then uplifting. I’m currently reading your collection The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories, and I’ve noticed that you’re quite adept at turning a plot in a very unexpected (and typically compassionate) direction. Is this a conscious decision when you’re crafting a short story, to subvert your readers’ expectations?

The only reader I have in mind when I write is myself. Every story I write, in some sense, is an argument with myself: about what is beautiful; what is true; what is the point of being alive and aware and thinking and moving; what is a story; what is a good story; what is a good story that makes me care and makes me weep.

I don’t think I try to subvert reader expectations. I work hard to satisfy my own expectations.

So enjoy the fantastic new issue and spread the word!

Also, psst, LONTAR has a Patreon.


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