Cover and Contents for LONTAR #7!



We’re only a month away from the release of LONTAR issue #7! And I’m proud to reveal both the cover and contents for the new issue, which presents speculative writing from and about Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, the Philippines, Indonesia and Korea.



七星鼓 (Seven Star Drum)
   Zen Cho

The Four Deaths of Taylor Ngo
   TR Napper

Blind Date
   Melissa De Silva

Candlenut Farm
   James Penha

Ink: A Love Story
   Vida Cruz

The Tigers of Bengal
   Manish Melwani



This Island, New Laos
   Bryan Thao Worra

Eden and Our Habits
   Zeny May Recidoro

The Sultan’s Tent

   Brandon Marlon

The organisation sends a suicide bomber with their best regards
   Subashini Navaratnam

In His Own Words
   Russ Hoe

Une Nouvelle Vie
Ichthyosaur Birth

   Christina Sng

from “The Anti-Art Anti-Evolution of Manic Piggy Dream Gurrl”
   Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé

The Other Universe
   Cyril Wong



In Suspicion of Beauty: On Eka Kurniawan
   Tiffany Tsao


Sequential Art

   Elvin Ching

The issue will be available in mid-October in bookstores all over Singapore, on the Epigram Books website, and as an ebook through Weightless Books.


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