LONTAR at SWF 2016


swf2016-sayangThe 2016 edition of the Singapore Writers Festival kicks off this coming Friday, and LONTAR will be featured in two panels:

1. The Role of Literary Journals
with Cyril Wong (mod), Jason Erik Lundberg, Yong Shu Hoong and Clara Chow
The Arts House, Living Room, 10 Nov, 830-930pm

Literary journals have become invaluable platforms for discovering new literary talent as well as showcasing new works from established authors. Three editors, Yong Shu Hoong (QLRS), Clara Chow (We Are A Website) and Jason Erik Lundberg (LONTAR) discuss the importance of literary journals.

2. The Rise of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction
with Jason Erik Lundberg (mod), Eka Kurniawan, JY Yang* and Ng Yi-Sheng
The Arts House, Play Den, 12 Nov, 230-330pm

Southeast Asia is a culturally rich source of inspiration, with histories rooted in the rise and fall of civilisations and colonialism. Eka Kurniawan is the latest literary star in the region, leading the charge with his ground-breaking speculative fiction novel, Man Tiger. This panel examines the global and regional impact of speculative fiction.

* Krishna Udayasankar (L6) was originally slated to be on this panel, but is unable to appear at SWF this year.


The second panel in particular is basically an unofficial LONTAR panel, since it will be moderated by me, and the three panelists have all been published in our pages (Eka in L6, JY in L3 & L6, and Yi-Sheng in L4–L6). Issue #6 will definitely be available in the festival bookstore run by The Select Centre, as will the brand new issue #7 and all our back issues as well, so be sure to nab your copies and get them signed by our fantastic authors!

Many of our other contributors will also be involved in the festival this year:


Hope to see you there!


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