L8 Back From the Printers!


Issue #8 arrived this morning from the printers, and will be making its way to Singaporean bookshops within the next week or so. However, you can order it right now directly from Epigram Books!

This new issue presents speculative writing from and about Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand. Check out the contents!



Salamanca – Part One
   Dean Francis Alfar



The Fisher Queen
   Alyssa Wong

   Wilfred Cabrera

The Road to Burabod
   Michael Janairo

Welcome, 265 Aggregate Scorers!
   Clara Chow



Swing Past Old Pluto
farewell, blue elephant

   Judith Huang

Independence Day, 1898
   Bernise Carolino

The Long Divorce
The Brain Train

   David Wong Hsien Ming

   Tilde Acuña

Two Stories About Bloomsday
   Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé

Snap Chat
Same Ghost Every Night

   Sharlene Teo

Time Again for Life
Desert Interlude

   Christina Sng



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