L10 interview with Drewscape


LONTAR 10As part of the celebration for the release of the ebook version of LONTAR issue #10 at Weightless Books, we’re releasing three short interviews with some of our L10 contributors!

Last week, WB posted our first interview with Manish Melwani, and today we’ve got our second interview with graphic novelist and illustrator Drewscape. Here’s a taste:

Jason Erik Lundberg: “Rewire” uses as its premise the transformation of an android into a “real” woman who soon outgrows her creator’s programming, harkening back to My Fair Lady and even farther back to the myth of Pygmalion. What was it about this type of story that inspired you to put your science-fictional spin on it?

Drewscape: I usually get my inspiration from things I myself experience and also from trying to understand how others think. For this story, I wanted to tackle the issue of how, in a romantic relationship, we often try to change another person to suit our requirements, only to find that they really can’t change. However, in the end, I suspect that there is still some change that happens to us after going through that relationship.

Read the full interview here!

You can still, of course, get your hands on the gorgeous physical print edition of L10.


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